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   Energy Efficient Products

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Hydrovar by Lowara

The newest generation of Hydrovar® is a modular, flexible and highly efficient drive system. It is capable of showing energy savings of up to 70% and can be easily retro fitted to any existing pump application using standard asynchronous motors with VFD operation

Vacuum generators by Piab

Piab are market leaders in vacuum technology, their patented Coax brand pumps which work solely on compressed air offer significant savings against traditional electromechanical vane pumps which are costly to run, require regular maintenance are large & noisy.

Pressure Boosters by Festo

This compact unit is capable of doubling the normal operating air pressure feeding it and reacting automatically to reductions in output pressure, this gives the ability to boost pressure locally where required. This system can allow the main airline pressure to be backed off helping to reduce overall air consumption and therefore expensive energy costs.

SPAB Pressure Gauges by Festo

Pressure gauges offer to ability to reduce pressure to actual required levels at point of use, expensive compressed air is therefore not wasted through operational use and leakage.

Lighting Optimisation by Fluoresave

Fluoresave is a microprocessor-controlled, energy saving unit for standard magnetic ballast fluorescent and other discharge lighting such as sodium, mercury and metal halide, which saves power consumption by up to 30%+ with an imperceptible effect on light levels.

EcoBAY Lights - by Ecotronic

EcoBAY® is our extensive range of energy efficient, high bay & low bay luminaires. EcoBAY® is specifically designed to replace inefficient sodium, mercury or metal halide discharge lighting; commonly found in warehousing & manufacturing facilities. The EcoBAY uses high efficiency fluorescent tubes, a highly efficient MIRO reflector, has both PIR and daylight dimming options and as a result energy savings of over 85% can be achieved.

Compressed Air Flow Monitoring

Our flow monitors accurately measure and record the compressed air flow, pressure and temperature in a pipe rather than monitoring a compressors operating cycle. This process allows us to accuratley determine the sites actual compressed air requirements, any leakage and or wastage and the user equipment requirements. These details then allow us to work out the efficiency of the system and where reductions in energy requirements and operating costs can be made.

Inverter Drives - by Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi inverters deliver innovative, open, flexible and reliable drive solutions. The series covers a broad output range from 0.2kW up to 630kW. All frequency inverters feature simple operation and configuration and optimised control and data management facilities. The unique optimisation function comes as standard and can offer significant savings in energy costs and what is more will help to prolong the life of the driven motor.

Air Knife Hand Dryers - by Mitsibushi Electric

Mitsibushi Jet Towel is 60% more efficient than its Dyson competitor and 79% more efficient than traditional hand dryers. The unit drys hands in 10-12 secs, has both heated and non heated options, improves hygiene with its unique water capture facility, reduces noise and is more environmentally friendly than using paper towels.

EcoPAK - by Ecotronic

The EcoPAK® T5 is a new range of fluorescent batten fittings incorporating the very latest T5 ballast technology. The combination of EcoPAK® with the Miro 4 reflector ensures excellent vertical illuminance characteristics that exceed enhanced capital allowance criteria. Daylight dimming and occupancy options are available to further enhance savings. Energy savings of up to 65%, extended lamp life reduces maintenance by 50%.

Air Knives - The alternative to using compressed air

Many processes use air knives to dry, or blow off debris from lines or products. The majority of these systems use compressed air which is massively expensive to produce, it can also cause fluctuations in the main air line supply. By using centrifugal blowers, a dedicated air supply can be set up and savings of up to 90% in energy use can be seen.

Destratification Fans

Destratification fans can help reduce heating costs by 10-30% Rising hot air or heat in the workplace means lower temperatures at floor level, especially if the ceiling height is high. By using destratification fans the heat lost into the ceiling area can be returned back down to the floor level where it is actually required. Energy use can therefore be vastly reduced as heaters can be turned down or even off

Organic Rankine Cycle Technology (ORC)

Low grade waste heat is often now used for electricity generation through ORC technology. Water and steam is replaced with an organic fluid, typically a refrigerant that have lower operating temperatures reducing the scale of the plant. This approach should be considered in light of increasing energy costs.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers (RTO's)

RTO's can be used for emissions abatement with considerable fuel savings. The system uses a bed of ceramic material to absorb heat from the exhaust gas and use the captured heat to preheat the incoming process gas stream. Advantiv can advise from concept to installation and commissioning, working closely with customers to achieve savings objectives.

MX4 Energy by Mitsibushi Electric

MX4 Energy monitoring software suite is an automated Monitoring and Targeting (aM&T) solution to identify waste, prompt corrective action and track savings. The software collates data from your business or plant, consolidating it into easily manageable information. MX4 Energy integrates with PLC hardware and networks.

Compressor management by Energair

EnergAir specialise in the design, installation and final commissioning of control and management systems for compressed air generation and vacuum installations. By using a compressor management system energy costs can be cut by up to 30%, and a greater control and visibility of the compressed air system obtained.

Bekomat Zero Loss Condensate Drains - by Beko

When a float drain is not tight, high costs are involved as a result of leakages. Timed solenoid valves also cause compressed-air losses during condensate drainage as compressed air - which was generated at high cost - escapes into the environment without being used. The electronic level control of the BEKOMAT guarantees drainage without any loss of compressed air, meaning no energy loss.

Drypoint M Plus driers by Beko

The DRYPOINT M PLUS membrane dryer with an integrated nanofilter is the innovative solution for efficient filtration and drying in one housing. It offers reliable compressed-air drying at a constant compressed-air temperature, saves energy through low purge air demand and does not need polluting desiccants. The units can be placed locally where required, eliminating the need for larger expensive whole compressed air systems driers.

DRYPOINT® AC adsorption dryers by Beko

Cold-regenerated DRYPOINT AC adsorption dryers offer a convincing solution to the problem of pressure drops when conventional adsorption driers are used. They limit the pressure drop to only 0.35 bar on average. In this way, the pressure loss is lowered by 50% compared to conventional constructions. Due to the saved energy costs, the DRYPOINT AC will pay for itself within three years on average.

Air Curtains

Air curtains reduce heat loss through open doors by creating a barrier of air. These units can use air at ambient temperature or heated air through electric or gas fed heating elements. Air curtains also provide the added benefit of no moving parts that can be damaged through door or operator collision.

Premium Efficiency Motors

New Premium Efficiency Motors can substantially reduce energy costs. These motors have efficiency ratings of over 94%. When compared to other older motors where efficiencies can range from 70-90%, it often makes sense to convert to a high efficiency motor irrespective of waiting for the old motor to fail. Paybacks can be months, not years.

JetBlack - By ACI

The JetBlack is a safe and effective tool for cleaning and de-dusting operations in factory environments. Available in either a wall mounted or portable format, it removes liquids or debris from machinery, components and personnel quickly and efficiently. It uses less than 10% of the energy that a compressed air system would use.

Cross Flow Filtration

Advantiv provide high grade cross flow filtration systems that improves heat transfer performance protecting the heat exchangers resulting in up to 15-20% energy reduction on HVAC systems as well as reducing back wash time significantly to save water usage. Typical applications such as cooling towers will benefit from reduced maintenance costs and increased overall system efficiency of up to 25% energy saving.

Energy Efficient Bearings

SKF have created a range of Energy Efficient deep groove ball bearings. This product reduces frictional losses by 30% or more when compared against their own standard product. Not only is efficiency greatly improved but life is also extended. Ideal applications are light to normal load at high speed, i.e. pumps, fans & motors.

Sub Metering iCube350

Although sub meters do not usually save energy they do provide valuable data as to where and how much energy is being used, as such they highlight areas where potential savings can be made. The iCube 350 by Mitsubishi is a competitively priced multifunction power meter that is easy to install and convenient to use for data capture.

Thermal Insulation Jackets

Heat loss through un-insulated pipes, valves and pumps costs businesses £M's of pounds pa. As an example a steam process running 24/7 (10barg, 20C) can reach annual losses of up to £4.5k for just 10m of un-lagged internal pipe. Insulating equipment can help to significantly reduce energy costs, bespoke insulation jackets can also be manufactured for irregular shaped objects.

Water Saving - Tap Aerators

Large quantities of water can be saved by fitting aerators to taps. These faucets provide a soft, splash free laminar stream, whilst helping to save water by reducing the quantity dispensed by the tap.

Free Cooling Solutions

Free cooling is an economical method of using low external air temperatures to assist in chilling water, which can then be used for industrial process, or air conditioning systems. The Free Cooling system, which uses less power allows all or part of the chilled water to by-pass an existing chiller giving energy savings of up to 75%.

piSave Optimise

Improve your ejector pump with piSAVE optimize and save 30-50% in compressed air energy costs. piSAVE optimize senses the vacuum level in the system. The feed pressure of the compressed air to the vacuum pump/ejector is automatically regulated and controlled to maintain the set vacuum level. The vacuum level is kept constant in this manner and the air/energy usage is kept to a minimum for the application.

Permatron Air Intake Filter Screens

Permatron air intake filters provide protection for air cooled equipment against debris that can clog the coils. Results have shown that only 1mm of debris will reduce efficiency of the equipment by 21%. These specially design filters are a simple solution to increase efficiency, reduce the number of service visits and ultimately increase the life of your plant.

Energy Efficient Window Films

Solar controlling window films can help to lower energy bills by up to 20%. As well as reducing glare from the sun these films filter out solar radiation. This means that room temperatures do not rise excessively and as such air conditioning use can be lowered or turned off. The knock on effect is that A/C equipment needs less maintenance saving further money. The films can also provide increased insulation in the colder months by reflecting interior heat back into the room.

Intelligent Heating Control Systems

Intelligent heating & cooling controls systems can provide energy savings in excess of 30%. Whether its the optimized control of a boiler(s) or your HVAC system, products are now available to significantly improve the control of these processes, even to the extent that wireless diary control of rooms in buildings can be carried out ensuring that the desired temperature is achieved when the room is in use and no longer than necessary.

Sub-metering shows where you are using energy !

Being able to see an exact breakdown of your energy and utility usage empowers you to see excess energy consumption, and then do something about it. And with unlimited users to access, there doesn’t just have to be one energy champion in the workplace! On average, we help customers to save around 30% of their annual energy bills and help them to make informed choices moving forward.

LED Lighting solutions

EcoSTAR® Space Hi-BAY LED combines a traditional reflector design with the latest high transmission optic materials allowing us to offer a highly flexible product that can be manufactured in 12 different luminaire formats. The inclusion of Philips LEDLINE LED technology ensures the product is truly “future proof” & gives the end user complete peace of mind, with a full 5 year system guarantee.

Thermodynamic steam traps by TLV

Disc steam trap operation may suffer if the trap is exposed to cold air and rain, so to prevent wasteful leakage of steam TLV has developed an air-jacketed pressure chamber model, and for even greater insulation, a steam-jacketed pressure chamber model. The high-precision machined disc valve and valve seat offer excellent sealing properties, preventing wasteful discharge of steam.



















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