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  Steam Loss Surveys

Live-steam losses caused by leaking steam traps represent a major economic factor, since – apart from the technical consequences – they cause the operating costs of a plant to escalate seriously.  On average only 63% of steam traps on a site are actually functioning correctly, of the 37% that are not approx 6% are blocked, 13% set up incorrectly and importantly 18% are leaking. An average leaking steam trap will lose £865 of steam per year, this equates to over £31,000 p.a. when considering only the 18% of a trap population of only 200 traps. These figures are accurate based on a representative survey of over 22000 traps that have been currently surveyed. Regular maintenance and trap testing can cut this failure rate down to about 5 %.

Equipment Check

Advantiv offer on site steam loss surveys to assess steam trap populations and identify where losses exist.

The equipment allows steam traps of all makes and types to be checked and assessed for more than just steam loss. In addition, the PC software makes it possible to estimate the steam losses caused by traps not functioning properly, and also provides an economic analysis, demonstrating where cost savings can be made.

 Features and benefits

  • Universally suitable for steam traps of all types and makes
  • Automatic assessment of tested steam traps
  • Easy analysis of steam loss data
  • Certificated by Lloyds
  • Allows quantitive analysis
  • Print informative and clear repair work orders
  • ATEX approved equipement

Our experienced engineering team can also provide the resource the carry out the necessary  repairs to the leaking equipement to reduce the payback on any survey carried out and advise on where system improvements couldbe implemented to help further optimise your steam usage.



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